Wednesday, March 04, 2015
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Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, March 04, 2015



Playoffs Update: After 2x Games
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Devil Dogs 6 (OT) Maniacs 5
Despite missing some top players the Maniacs made a helluva game out of this one, forcing overtime. Dogs Jesse Harwood squeaked one in assisted by Phil early in the extra frame for the win, but the Maniacs come away with 1x point and make the Pool A standings very interesting. Dogs know they didnt see the full Maniacs, who I expect to show up for the final day.
Flyers 5 Anchormen 3
Flyers put up their first win forcing the Anchormen into a tough spot with 2x losses heading into the final game. The Flyers go on to play the Pack, both team have 1x win, while the Anchormen go up against Pool B leader the Baggers. Anchormen are having serious roster problems with some key players missing for this game. Word is Anchormen will have their captain Chris Hickey back for the final games, but will it be enough to fight their way back into this.
Bruisers 4 Net Hunters 1
Tough go for the Net Hunters in this one facing off against a full Bruisers bench in a penalty plagued game. Chris Thorpe led the way for the Bruisers with a natural hat trick before the end of the 2nd, pretty much sealing the deal.
Baggers 4 The Pack 3
Best game of the night from where I was sitting, but a tough loss for The Pack. Jordan Leggett tied it up 3-3 with 3:39 left in the 3rd, only to have Baggers gun for hire #8 Jeff McCarey answer back 8 seconds later with the game winner. Both Bennett and Maclean played well in net, godo game to watch. This puts the Baggers in 1st place of Pool B, and with them facing off against the struggling Anchormen they are sitting pretty.
Playoff Update: After 1x Game
Posted By: Gus
Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sundays games marked the opening of the 2015 Playoffs. We had 2x upsets with 7th place Baggers beating the 2nd place Flyers 4-2 and the 6th place Maniacs hammering the 3rd place Bruisers 5-1.
Attendance was decent, although the 8th place Net Hunters went up against the 1st place Devil Dogs with only 8 skaters. Notably missing from the Net Hunters was their top scorer Ryan Brown, Josh Smith, Dylan Hewitt on D and goalie Ben Vandehuvel, backed up by Tim Harkness.
Devil Dogs 4 - Net Hunters 1
Net Hunters played the breakout game, had the Dogs on their heels solidly through the 1st & 2nd periods as they struggled to hold onto a 1-0 lead. Dogs managed 3x grinder (garbage?) goals in the 3rd for the win. Big game for Dogs D-Man Curtis Bennett who scored the first 2x goals.
Net Hunters square off versus the Bruisers Sunday, and if they have Ryan Brown & Josh Smith skating and Hewitt back on the blueline we could see one of the best games of the opening round. Their last regular season matchup was classic Bruisers/Net Hunters and I expect it to kick up a notch with both teams looking for their first win.
Baggers 4 - Flyers 2
The first upset of the night, a full Baggers bench including points leader Aaron Chambers locked this win down in the 2nd period. Im not sure who is wearing Brian Hills #8 Jersey, but they scored twice including the game winner. Ryan Maclean continues to play a steady solid game in net for the Baggers, and really puts his team at the top of some lists as the team to watch on the final day.
The Flyers had a frustrating game from what I saw, but its still too early to mention this teams Ghost From Playoffs Past....they face off Sunday versus the Anchormen where again, we have 2x teams looking for their first win.
Maniacs 5 - Bruisers 1
The second upset of the night ended with the Maniacs picking up right where they ended the regular season, playing well beyond their 6th place ranking. They had their entire A-List of players, including Dylan Roberts with a hat trick. Tender Shay Cooper played like the lowest GAA goalie should letting in just one banger from Ryan Cool.
After the first night (and the end of the regular season) the Maniacs appear to have their house in order and are going to be tough to beat. Lets see what happens Sunday when they square off against the Devil Dogs.
The Pack 5 - Anchormen 3
Last game of the night was a good one, but a heart breaker for the Anchormen. The Pack tied it up 3-3 with 30 seconds left in the 2nd, then kept that momentum going through the 3rd with the game winner coming midway through from their replacement player Brett Theberge, then an empty netter sealed the deal.
The pack had a great regular season, and with Chris Bennett in net they are always in the game. The Anchormen are in a tough spot, with captain Chris Hickey out of town until possibly the final day. Missing on the blueline was Brandon Hall. Its going to be a tough go Sunday for the Anchormen when they play the Flyers.


Its Gonna Be a Party!
Posted By: Gus
Saturday, February 14, 2015

Very happy to confirm we have the upper level of the arena booked for the final weekend banquet and party. Player dues are starting to roll in, but we still have a long way to go to make this happen, but I have faith in our players.

Daniel of the Burks Falls River Bowl is going to be taking care of the dinner & bar.
Dinner will be casual, burgers and salad kind of thing, going to be perfect. 

Phil at CRS in Huntsville is on board with some Door Prizes

Live Music by the hard-hitting Tobin Spring & Riley Towns Duo
Here they are way back at the Season One banquet in the same location
Riley was 16 years old in this picture I think?
Posted By: Gus
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

After much waiting, we have a finalized payoff format ready. It will be posted at the arena this Wednesday and a downloadable copy is right here.
Greg put a lot of work into this one, and I think its going to make for a great end run for the Creighton Cup....speaking of which....where IS that cup?

In a nutshell, after the regular season is over (only 3x games left) our 8x teams will be broken into 2x pools. Each team then plays all teams in their pool once, accumulating points for wins, OT wins and OT losses. Your GF, GA and PIM will be tracked in case tie breakers are required, using the stats in that order.
If we went to playoffs right now, the pools would look like this.
Pool A                    Pool B
1 - Devil Dogs          2 - Flyers
8 - Net Hunters        7 - Baggers
3 - The Pack           4 - Anchormen
6 - Maniacs             5 - Bruisers
The first 3x games you play are important, they set you up for the final day. Even if your team may not finish in the top spots, but you may end up being pulled back into the bracket later in the day based on your ranking.
There is a consolation championship game this year, with a modest prize for the winning team. 
So please take a look and get ready.
If you have any questions please let us know. Greg will be at the arena for all games over the next 2x weeks, and I will be available by email (no phone or text) at
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