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Will the 1st pick overall be a goalie?

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Draft Complete - Teams & Schedule Next
Posted By: Gus
Friday, October 02, 2015

Well the Season 7 draft went smoothly, 1st Overall pick was goalie Chase Wilson by the Flyers.
Tonight I will start in-putting the team rosters (quick preview below for everyone who is asking) , then upload the schedule.
I can tell you our opening night lineup this Sunday October 4th will look like this
6:00pm Outlaws -vs- The Pack
7:00pm Anchormen -vs- Bruisers
8:00pm Flyers -vs- Devil Dogs

Right Down To The Wire - Last Minute Goalie Move
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In a flurry of text messages and phone calls, we have made a last minute Goalie move, heading into the Season 7 Draft with 3x New & 3x Returning Goalies.
Frenchy had to pull out last minute with a back injury, and has been replaced with new goalie Drew Hill. Brian St.Louis and Steve Presley are the other new goalies, in addition to returning goalies Chase Wilson, George Cameron and Chet Rutledge.
Huge shout-out to Mark Sinclair for helping us find a replacement, outstanding.
Looking over the Draft List, we have a total of 26 New Players, most of which come from the Burks Falls / Sundridge area.
We are sitting at a perfect number for the 6x team Draft. Each team will be making 12x picks total including goalie, and we will have room for 6x more players to join. There are always some late joining players, finding the right spot for them is always fun.
Hope to see lots of you tomorrow night at Moose Delaneys for the draft. Some of us will be there for dinner early, Draft will start at 7:00pm. Season 7 Begins Now!

Season Starts Sunday October 4th - Leaf Tickets Giveaway
Posted By: Gus
Sunday, September 27, 2015

We are going to start the 7th BFHL Season this Sunday, October 4th at 6:00pm.
All teams will play Sunday, full schedule is going to be posted right after the draft.

Unfortunately, since The Baggers are not around to defend the Cup, we wont be able to keep with the traditional Championship rematch for the season opener. I think it would be perfect to give our new team, Geoff Whites OUTLAWS dibs on the season opener...opponent to be decided.
We are going to be running a 6x team season, and will be dropping the 9:00pm game on Sundays.
We will still play both our 8:00 and 9:00pm games on Wednesdays.
Opening Night Prize Draws
We will be raffling off some Prize Packages from Phil & The Boys at Contractor Rental Supplies, and a pair of Regular Season Leaf tickets on opening night, all BFHL Players will be entered in the draw.
With the Draft happening Thursday October 1st, this is going to be a busy week for the BFHL!

New Draft Date
Posted By: Gus
Thursday, September 24, 2015

We are moving the Draft Date to Thursday October 1st. All Players Welcome!

Some of us will be there for dinner at 6:00pm, Draft will start at 7:00pm.
Season 7 Starts Now
Posted By: Gus
Monday, August 24, 2015

Season 7 Sign Ups Are Open. 

Its time to start talking about the Burks Falls Hockey Leagues Seventh Season! Here is what we have in store for our players this year.

We will not be raising player dues this season, no matter what. Skaters $325 Goalies $250
Instructions for New Player Signups will be posted here this week.
Number of Games
You will get the same overall number of games, right now the only question is will the playoffs be extended and the regular season shortened, this is one of the last big items we are working on.

New For Season Seven

New Teams
The Net Hunters and The Maniacs have retired. Jeremiah/Tyler and Ken have stepped back from running the teams, and we hope to see them all in this years draft.

Both teams have won Two Creighton Cups, The Net Hunters in 2010 & 2013 and The Maniacs in 2012 and 2014, some good memories there.

We have 2x new Team Captains in the works, details to follow.

No More 14 Man Rosters
The Team Captains have come up with a solution that will reduce the team rosters to a perfect 13 skaters.
Pickup Player Policy -revised-
Any team short players for any regular season game may pickup any registered BFHL player(s) to make a 7x man roster.

Goalie Draft
For the first time, we are going to let the Draft determine the Goalie spots. This means any number of goalies can signup and if you are drafted you play.

To Be Determined

Draft Format
A vote is underway with the Team Captains on this one, the big questions being 100% Open Draft or try another Co-Captain system. Both have been successful, the draft is always fun. This will be sorted out very soon.
Playoff Format
We are really close on this one. Overall the intention is to simplify the playoffs, remove any type of points system and use a win and advance system. The biggest question remaining is do we sacrifice regular season games for a bigger playoff format. Vote in the Poll!

The playoff format will be 100% finalized and posted before the season starts.

Schedule and Game Times
We are likely going to be playing the same days and times, Sundays 6-7-8-9pm and Wednesdays 8 and 9pm.

So there you have it, some new things to look forward to for Season Seven. Text me (Gus) at 705-380-3345 or email anytime with questions or to get your name in the Draft.

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