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Which is the Strongest Team On Paper?
Devil Dogs
The Pack

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Player Dues
Posted By: Gus
Sunday, February 19, 2017

If you still owe Player Dues, please find Gus BEFORE your final regular season game, to pay in full so that you can participate in the playoffs. Thanks guys.
Dogs Surprise Flyers - Possible Triple Tied Standings - Playoff Dates & Times
Posted By: Gus
Sunday, February 19, 2017

Devil Dogs Shut Out Flyers
A big win for the Dogs the Flyers in their battle for 1st place. Dogs are heading into their double header tonight versus The Outlaws in a battle for the basement.
Possible Triple Tied Standings
This is what I love to see, standings that could still change right down to the final games! Right now we have the potential for lots of ties at the end of the regular season. Head to Head play, followed by goals for will decide which team finishes ahead of the other. Heres what we are looking at right now for potential ties:

The Pack T1st Flyers
Pack win in head-to-head play

Bruisers T3rd Anchormen
Bruisers win in head-to-head play UNLESS Anchormen win last 2x and Bruisers lose last 2x then...
Anchormen win GF unless Bruisers score 31x extra goals, confused yet?
Outlaws T5th Devil Dogs
Head to Head play currently tied
Outlaws currently lead GF by 14x goals
This last one is really good because these two teams play a double header tonight. If either team sweeps both games, they win. If they split the 2x games, Dogs have 1x game left to take 5th place. Mix a possible OTLoss in there and my head will explode.
Bottom line is, NOTHING is set in stone yet, and this is shaping up to be one of the most interesting regular season finales yet.
Playoff Dates & Times
I will prepare and post the Playoff Bracket after the regular season wraps up Wednesday, but we have the dates and times decided.
Playoffs 1st Round (2 games)
Sunday Feb 26th 6:00pm & 7:00pm
Playoffs 2nd Round (2 games)
Wednesday March 1st 8:00pm & 9:00pm
Final Day Saturday March 4th (6 games)
9:00am First Game - Championship Game - Creighton Cup & 1st Place Team prize presented on ice after game
After Party
Dan @ Riverbowl in Burks Falls has invited any and all players and their guests who would like to continue celebrating to move down to the Bowling Alley after the Championship Game to Bowl & Drink.



Player Dues & Playoff Dates/Times
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Player Dues
If you still owe your player dues, please get them to Gus as soon as possible so that you can participate in the playoffs, and we can move forward with our Double Elimination format.

Playoff Dates & Times
This is what we are looking at right now for dates and times. 

Regular Season Ends Wednesday Feb 22nd
Playoffs 1st Round (2 games) Sunday Feb 26th
Playoffs 2nd Round (2 games) either Wednesday March 1st OR Friday March 3rd (TBD)
Final Day Saturday March 4th

So, we will decide this weekend if we play Round 2 on the Wednesday or the Friday, and post a finalized schedule. The playoff bracket will be posted online, and on the wall beside the Snack Bar as soon as the Regular Season is over.

Good luck all teams in your final regular season games!

Flyers & Pack Coming Down To The Wire
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Battle For First Place
With 2x games remaining for the top two teams, we have a tie for 1st place. Flyers play the Devil Dogs tonight and the Anchormen for their final game, while the Pack face off versus the Bruisers and also the Anchormen for their final game. So the Anchormen are in an interesting spot and could determine who wins the regular season.
Either way, we know The Pack & Flyers are both getting a Bye through the first round of the playoffs. But, once you move down in the standings, the match-ups are still undetermined. Bruisers & Anchormen could exchange places, and the same goes for the Devil Dogs fighting at the bottom.
Poutine Player of the Week: Andrew Boyes - The Pack
Boyes now leads the scoring race with his Hat Trick Sunday

Player Dues - Make Up Games - Poutine Player
Posted By: Gus
Sunday, January 15, 2017

Player Dues
For those players who have outstanding dues, we would like to see them start rolling in as soon as possible as we head towards the playoffs. You can pay by EMT, cheque or cash. Contact Gus or Greg to make arrangements.
Make Up Games & Schedule Change
The 2x games missed in the snow storm will be scheduled this week, see schedule changes below.
Your teams schedule may be affected even if you are not playing a makeup game. So if you have printed a schedule for the fridge, take note of the changes online.

Sunday January 22nd
6:00pm The Pack vs Outlaws
7:00pm Flyers vs Bruisers
8:00pm Anchormen vs Devil Dogs
9:00pm Anchormen vs Devil Dogs
Sunday February 19th
6:00pm The Pack vs Bruisers
7:00pm Flyers vs Anchormen
8:00pm Outlaws vs Devil Dogs
9:00pm Outlaws vs Devil Dogs
Poutine Player of the Week: Steve Presley - The Pack
Watching this game from the timekeepers box, I thought Steve just played a solid game all around, slowing down the Outlaws several times before they could get momentum going.

6x Full Teams - Waiting List Available - Season Starts Sunday October 16th
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Teams Full
 We have added 2x late joining players to fill the league, and have 2x players on a waiting list.
Season Starts Sunday October 16th
We will be starting later than usual this year, with the Draft this Sunday followed by Thanksgiving. This will help extend the season calendar. Shortly after the Draft I will post this seasons Schedule online, but all teams play opening night.
Keeping with Tradition the season opener will be a rematch from last seasons Championship Game.

Season 8 Opener
Sunday October 16th, 6:00pm
Defending CHAMPS Bruisers -vs- The Pack

Full Schedule coming soon.

Season 8 Draft Complete
Posted By: Gus
Monday, October 03, 2016

Another BFHL Draft is in the books, this one in a record 2.5 hrs.

1st Pick Overall: Phil Montgomery - Devil Dogs
1st Goalie Overall: Ryan Whitney - Outlaws
Most NEW Players: Outlaws selected 9x New Players including Whitney in net
Overall we have some interesting rosters here, opening night should be interesting. Time for a new Poll.
Schedule Coming Soon.

New BFHL Refs
Posted By: Gus
Thursday, September 08, 2016

Josh Smith will be organizing our referees this season, and has a core group of 4x refs lined up, including returning BFHL players. Hes asked me to extend the invitation to anyone else out there with real reffing experience who would like to help, so that everyone has a chance to step up and be part of our new officiating system.
If anyone is interested, please contact me or Josh directly at 249-995-0190

Sticks For The Champs
Posted By: Gus
Friday, February 12, 2016

Big thanks to Jason at Sportcheck who set us up with some killer sticks for this years winning team. These are all $220-$280 sticks you are playing for tomorrow. If you dont get the curve you want, go see Jason as Sportcheck and he will sort you out.
Season Opener Draw Prize Winners
Posted By: Gus
Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of Sundays draw prizes. BIG THANKS to Phil and the boys at CRS for their 2x prize packages.

Leaf Tickets Winner - Phil Montgomery
Was told his wifes response was, you FINALLY won something. Phil is a 7x Season Devil Dog Veteran...ouch.

CRS Prize Pack #1 Winner - Andrew Boyes
CRS Prize Pack #2 Winner - Doug Vincer
A big thank you to all players who stuck with us, and to all our new players for signing up. Looking forward to another good season!

2016-2017 League Leaders
Ryan Brown
Jacob Phiney
The Pack
Andrew Boyes
The Pack
Chris Hickey
Eric Ferrier
The Pack
Andrew Boyes
The Pack
Andrew Boyes
The Pack
Ryan Brown
Eric Ferrier
The Pack
Dave Lovie

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