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 SEASON 6 - Poutines are all pre-paid at the concession stand, just give them your name.
Week 1: Clayton Jenkins - Flyers
Clayton started the week of with 2G 4A and sits at the top of the points race. For a late round pick to get off to such a good start, we gotta give this kid the poutine.
Week 2: Nick Zimmer - Bruisers
Flashed some hands in the first shoot out of the season securing the Bruisers first win versus The Pack
Week 3: Brian Hill - Baggers
In a week with 6 goal and 4 goal nights, Im going the other direction and giving the Poutine to a grizzly old D-Man. Not usually associated with high point nights, Brian put up a 1G 5A night versus the Bruisers. I just hope I have the right jersey number, not to doubt you Brian.
Week 4: Ryan Sowery - Anchormen
Ryan opened the scoring for his team in a 1 goal game with a beauty tip-in in the first period.
Week 5: Aaron Chambers - Baggers
While the Baggers still lost to the Net Hunters in the seasons highest scoring game yet, we have to honour Chambers 6x goals and 7x points.
Week 6: Phil Montgomery - Devil Dogs
Phil scored 4 goals and 1 assist in a win vs Bruisers which put his team into first place this week.
Week 7: Geoff White - Anchormen
Geoff and the very short benched Anchormen came back from behind versus the Net Hunters last Sunday, with Geoff scoring the tying goal in the final seconds, then went on to score the game winner in Shoot Out.

Week 8: Josh Smith - Net Hunters
Josh missed a couple games with work, but came back flying Sunday leading his team with a hat trick.
Week 9: Ryan Brown - Net Hunters
Ryan scored 4x back to back goals keeping his team in a game they would go on to win in shootout. Boom!
Week 10: Shay Webber - Manaics
Shay played a great game keeping his team in a rough one versus the Bruisers resulting in a big win for the last place team.
Week 11: Jason Diggles - Maniacs
Diggles played a hard game and scored the game winner in shootout versus the Anchormen

Week 12: Craig McKay - The Pack
Craig played his usual full speed ahead hockey and scored the game winner in a close game versus the Baggers Sunday.
Week 1: Eric Ferrier - Baggers: Scored game winner in a tight game vs Net Hunters...wins poutine.
Week 2: Dylan Roberts - Maniacs: 11 points in first 2x games jumping into the lead for the points race.
Week 3: Ken Atwood - Maniacs: Keeping it classy in the 3rd versus the Flyers.

Week 4: Phil Montgomery - Devil Dogs: Led Dogs to first win with a hat trick including the game winner.
Week 5: Tobin Spring - Bruisers: Tobin led his team to their 1st win of the season with 4x goals and 5x points.
Week 6: Chet Rutledge - Keggers: Chet put on a keg worthy performance, making lots of good saves during regulation and a huge stop versus Chambers in the shootout. 
Week 7: Matt Heavens - Flyers: Matt played a solid game helping his short benched team to their 2nd win of the season over the Keggers last Sunday.

Week 8: John Kerr - Baggers: Junker scored the late game tying goal versus the Flyers then went on to win it for his team in the shootout Sunday. 
Week 9: Ben Vandenhuvel - Devil Dogs: Ben Vandenhuvel for led his team to a big win over the Net Hunters last Sunday.
Week 10: Dave Seymour - Bruisers: Dave played a real solid game -vs- the Flyers last Sunday in a game that went to a shoot-out where Dave held his ground supporting his shooters for the win.
Week 11: Casey Nobel - Keggers: Casey stepped in and scored the game winning goal in shootout versus Net Hunters, his first goal of the year.
Week 12: Dave Seymour - Bruisers: Daves play last Sunday versus the Dogs was the best Ive seen him play. Dogs had lots of chances but again and again Dave shut them down cold!
Week 13: FRENCHY - Baggers: This one was easy, Frenchy backed his Baggers up on their way to a crushing 8-0 win over the Dogs.
Week 14: Aaron Chambers - Net Hunters: Chambers led the way with 6x goals and 1x assist in a dominating win over the Devil Dogs.

Week 15: Chase Wilson - Net Hunters: Chase held his team in it while they mounted a 3rd period comeback, then turned away 2 of 3 Keggers in the shootout, including SO mater Jeremy Rupke and Brady Anger. 
Week 16: Chris Bennett - Anchormen
Bennett was rock solid in a close scoring game, keeping his team alive while they came from behind to snatch this one away from the Dogs.

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