Friday, August 22, 2014

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Will Aaron Chambers 101 point record season ever be beat?

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Now Accepting Player Dues in Burks Falls
Posted By: Gus
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For all our players North of Huntsville, you can now drop off your player dues at Slick Depiction, located at 322 Ontario Street in Burks Falls. Ask for Amy, the stores phone number is 705-571-3213. They are closed Monday and Tuesday but open weekends.

This should help everyone I have been playing phone tag with, my apologies.

Maniacs Management Move
Posted By: Gus
Thursday, August 14, 2014

Control of the 2x Time Creighton Cup Champs the
Magnetawan Maniacs is changing hands for Season 6
Collin James, who has led the Maniacs for 5x seasons and 2x Championships, will be handing over the white board and whistle to veteran Manics Ken Atwood. Collins leaving on a high note and is looking forward to watching his daughters hockey progress and likely heading south while we suffer up here in February!
Ken led the team to the cup last season while also leading the league in regular season points. Handing the team to a player as skilled as Ken puts the Maniacs in a great spot heading into the Season 6 draft and on their way to defend the Creighton Cup.

After hearing from the Maniacs at the end of last season, to a man they wanted to reunite the Season 5 team to defend the cup. Its going to be interesting to watch Ken try and rebuild the team.
Its been a great run for Collin and the Maniacs. They always had one of the best locker rooms, and if I had the energy to go back over the past 5x seasons, I bet they are the most winningest team in BFHL history. Thanks Collin!
 2011-2012 Season 3 Creighton Cup Champs
(Center Left is Flyers Owner Pat Hayes, Center Right is Baggers Owners Kurt West, riding Collins coattails!)


 2013-2014 Season 5 Creighton Cup Champs

2013-2014 Season 5 Creighton Cup Champs
Registration Picking Up - Goalies Full
Posted By: Gus
Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today was a busy day for the BFHL Draft with 10x players added to the list plus our 8th and final goalie.

Send out the scouts on Alex Smith - 23 years old ranking himself a modest 7/10 (only after I described Chris Bennett as a 10/10)

Goalies Down! 49 Days Until Draft / 65 Days Until Opening Night
Posted By: Gus
Friday, August 08, 2014

Season 6 Draft List
Just posted a Season 6 Sign-Up Page, see the link at the left of this screen. We have 2x new players on the list and I know of more coming. Time to find out who these guys are...
Injured Goalies
We have 5 of our returning goalies signed up, but by the sounds of it we wont be seeing Chet Rutledge or Riley Towns playing net this year due to injuries. Im not sure if we will see them playing forward, but we  hope so.
Draft Night - Opening Night
We have booked Sunday October 5th as the opening night, and the Draft will happen Friday September 26th, location to be confirmed.
Feel free to contact me (Gus) anytime to get your name in the draft, or ask any questions you might have about what we have in store for you in Season 6.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, I think August is going to be a beauty month for weather...I think.
Season 6 Starts Now
Posted By: Gus
Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What better way to close out a beauty Canada Day weekend than to open up the BFHL Season 6 Registration.
There are still a few details to be worked out and some new ideas to finalize, but here are the essentials.

100% OPEN DRAFT for all teams

26 Regular Season Games PLUS Playoffs

Goalies $250.00 - Registration for Returning BFHL Goalies July 1st to August 1st

Skaters $325.00 - Registration Open for Returning and New Players July 1st



New Players: Please call Gus at 705-789-7255 to provide me with your information before you pay your dues.

Player Dues can be delivered either by:

Cheque: Payable to Burks Falls Hockey League  and mailed to

Gus Terziano
124 East Browns Road
Huntsville, ON P1H0A5

EMT: Sent to

Cash: email or text Gus at 705-380-3345 to setup a time to deliver cash


100% Player Dues Payable At Registration
Its no secret there have been players in past drafts without all their dues paid, but it was always in an effort to fill 8x teams. I can no longer risk the exposure in drafting players who are not financially committed so this is going to be strictly enforced. It also assures the Team Captains that each player they draft is financially committed.

If this means we draft fewer teams, thats what we will do.

3x Game Trade Deadline
Team Captains can make 1x trade before the 4th game. These trades can involve multiple players and are free from any input from the league. These trades are to sort out any issue that may arise, from carpooling to locker room chemistry.

Replacement Players
If for any reason a team loses a player during the regular season (its going to happen) I will assign a replacement player of equal skill, or as close as possible. (If the Devil Dogs require a replacement player, the other Captains will vote on it.) Of course, this is assuming we have a waiting list of players available, which we did last year.

Replacement players must skate a minimum 7x regular season games.

Waiting List
Players who miss the draft and want on the waiting list must contact me (Gus) directly. The waiting list will not be posted on the website. On second thought (and after some email feedback today) there would be nothing wrong with posting the list online. The deal will be, players on the list may not be called up in order, but rather as they are needed to replace players of similar skill. I think you can see how this can be tricky!
Replacement Player Refunds/Dues
Players forced to leave will be reimbursed on a cost per game basis less $50, ONLY if there is a replacement player available. Replacement Players joining the league will pay dues based on a cost per game basis plus $50

Items Not Yet Finalized

Fully expect to continue playing Sundays and Wednesdays
Playoff Format
I expect some minor changes
So, thats a pretty good start, keep checking back here for futher details.
Looking forward to another BFHL season!



MANICS Win 2nd Creighton Cup
Posted By: Gus
Sunday, March 09, 2014


 Manics Win Season 5 and their 2nd Creighton Cup!
Collins squad beat out the Defending Cup Champs the Net Hunters in a 4-3 game to end Season 5.
Thanks to all Teams and Players for a great wrap up weekend.
More to follow...

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